This program is for children 6 weeks – 18 months. Infants are in a small group setting and receive individual attention. Children will feel more capable as they are encouraged to practice new skills through play and one-on-one interaction. They participate in music and art activities, practice gross motor skills in our gym and play-ground, and begin to learn about God.


Our toddler classes consist of a balance of free play to enhance socialization skills and organized activities, such as art, music and gym or playground time, to enhance developmental skills. Bible time is also included.


Preschool classes are based on weekly themes. A variety of activities – story time, art, music, science, Bible time and cooking – provide children with varied learning experiences and complement the individual themes. Children are taught in an individually-paced environment using learning centers, allowing each child to learn at his or her own level.

School Age

Full time holiday and summer care are offered for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Activities include free play, games, art, music, field trips, Bible time and playground or gym time.


Family-style lunches, prepared by a qualified cook, meet recommended daily dietary allowances for children. Foods from all basic food groups are included. A nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are served daily.

Special Activities

Occasional Day Camp for k-5th grade
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Family Dinners
Summer Camp Program
Chapel Service

Teacher-Child Ratios

Age: 6 Weeks-18 Months

5 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 18-24 Months

7 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 3 Years

12 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 3-4 Years

12 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 24-30 Months

7 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 4-5 Years

14 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 30-36 Months

7 Children / 1 Teacher

Age: 5-11 Years

17 Children / 1 Teacher


Sunshine Nursery School is open year-round, with the exception of major holidays, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

While Sunshine Nursery School provides full-time care, some children are accepted on a part-time basis; for two, three or four whole days per week.


Tuition is billed monthly and is paid on a monthly (full amount due the first of each month) or semi-monthly basis (half of the total to be paid on the 1st and 15th of each month). A down payment – consisting of a registration fee and one week’s tuition – is required in order to secure a spot.


Sunshine Nursery School

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